Born and raised in Malaysia, Kahying seeks to find an honesty in her subject matter. Now 24, her photos are constantly evolving, but always focused on capturing a moment.



Probably isn't the best name to start my very first blog post in a long time. But that is where I am, for a while now.

I picked up photography when I first discovered Flickr at 16, and you'd find me spending many hours on it every day, being amazed by what people around the world were creating. I would spend hours researching and reading up on the basics of cameras and Photoshop techniques, and still do now after nearly 10 years.

Looking at the shelf next to me now with easily 10 cameras sitting on it (they're not all expensive cameras. They range from cheap point-and-shoots, instant cameras aka polaroids, film SLR, rangefinder, DSLRs, and my latest addition of medium format SLR). As someone who ponders if she should purchase an $80 dress, when it comes to cameras or film, I spend $800 almost as soon as I can pay. I seem to have a blind spot to it, and have never quite regretted buying any of those. And because of all these experiences, I have absolutely no doubt that I adore them and love photography. Or more, what photography can mean or the impact it can bring to people.